All referees in Malibu and our surrounding regions are unpaid volunteers.  We need to train new referees each year and encourage all new families to consider this as their way to help contribute to the all-volunteeer region.

In 2014, we have 3 scheduled clinics:

U-8 Official (Sunday September 7): intended for parents of U08 or U07 children, older siblings (at least 10 years old) who would like to volunteer as a youth referee for their siblings matches, or any youth volunteer 10 or 11 years old.  In order for us to have a head count and proper supplies, you must complete the form at the bottom of the U-8 CLINIC INFORMATON FLYER and return it.

Basic (Regional) Referee Training TBD : intended for parents of U10 or higher children as well as any youth interested in becoming a referee.  Minimum age is 12 (10 or 11 with permission of Referee Instructor).  This class has an online component which MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE ARRIVING AT THE CLASSROOM.  Please read the Online companion courses 2013 Flyer carefully and insure you complete all the prerequisites prior to coming to the classroom.

Helpful links:

New Volunteer Registration Instructions

How to Register and take online classes (Safe Haven, Concussion awareness and online referee training)

How to register and use the Malibu referee self-scheduling system.

Flyer for September 8 U-8 Official course

Flyer for September 8 and also Septembr 10-11 Basic Referee Companion course

Link to eAYSO (use to register as a volunteer of sign up for one of our classes)

Link to AYSO training (use to take Safe Haven, Concussion awareness, or the online component of the referee traiing).  You'll need to know your eAYSO ID and be registers as a 2014 volunteer.