We will have clinics for the first 3 Saturdays for the U5 & U6 Coed divisions at Malibu Bluff’s Park,

Majors Field, September 6th, 13th & 20th.       

Please see below for important dates and times. Our AYSO Opening day is Saturday Sept. 6th, See below for times.

Teams will be assigned and Uniforms will be given out at the Sept. 20th clinic.  U5 and U6 games will begin Sept. 27th.  For U5 and U6 practices will be Saturdays, 30 min before the game.  

Sept. 6th          The Bluffs Park - Majors Field  *Please be ready to play with shin guards, cleats or athletic shoes, soccer ball, and water.

U5        8:45am -  Opening day check in  / Coach sign ins

9:00am - 10:00am   welcome and skills clinic.

U6        9:45am -  Opening Day check in

10:00am - 11:00am  welcome and skills clinic.

Sept. 13th        The Bluffs Park - Major Field *Please be ready to play with shin guards, cleats or athletic shoes, soccer ball, and water.

U5 9:00am - 10:00am   skills clinic

U6 10:00am - 11:00am  skills clinic

Sept. 20th        The Bluffs Park - Major Field *Please be ready to play with shin guards, cleats or athletic shoes, soccer ball, and water.

U5 9:00am - 10:00am   skills clinic in teams

U6 10:00am - 11:00am   skills clinic in teams

The Majors Field” at Bluffs Park is the field furthest to the left if you are facing the ocean.

This form is your opportunity to provide feedback on the performance of our referees. Everything you say will be treated confidentially and will be used to prioritize where we should focus our mentoring. We are exspecially interested in helping enthusiatic, but inexpereinced referees Your name: * Your email: * Your Role: * Coach/Assistant Coach Parent/Spectator Referee Referee Name: * Referee position * Center AR (east or south side) AR (north or west side) If not known, enter 'unknown' Please indicate the area(s) where this referee need mentoring. When possible, add specific comments in the text field below. Foul Recognition Misapplication of the Laws of the Game Poor Positioning or Mechanics Which match? Date (mm/dd/yy): * Time (hh:mm): * Division: * Core Extra Boys Girls Comments and details: * Mentor Please check this box if you believe this referee is capable of refereeing at this level WITHOUT a mentor Program * Gender * Your Team (for your referee point) Enter division and team letter (e.g. BU12A). If you enter a team nickname like 'pink parrots' you will NOT be credited!

Name * E-mail * Evening Phone * Uniform Order
Item: check all that are needed
Shorts Shirt
Unless you referee tournaments or at Area, only gold shirts will be ordered Check with RRA for more information about our shirt policy
Socks Supplies Order Cards and Wallet Whistle Lanyard Match Report Pad Referee Coin Laws of the Game Guide to Procedures Referee Uniform and Supplies Order

Referee Clinic Registration

U-8 Official Referee Clinic Sign-up Name: E-Mail: Evening Phone: Adult Youth Shirt Size: 2013 Final U-8 Official Clinic:
Wednesday September 25; 6:00 - 9:30
Location: TBD
Which Clinic? U-8 Official: Wednesday 9/25 U-8 Official (Thursday 10/4) Shirt Style Men's Women's Shorts Size Socks Size NOTE: ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED
Prior to this class you MUST:
  • Register as a volunteer on www.eayso.org
  • If you are a returning volunteer, you may e-sign the registration; if you are a new volunteer, print two copies and bring them to the clinic.
  • Take the AYSO Safe Haven if you did not take it last year. Print the completion certificate and bring it to the clinic.
The Safe Haven training is at www.aysotraining.org. You will need your eAYSO ID you got that when you registered as a volunteer) to enroll in the online class.
Region: * Referee: Tuesday AND Wednesday 9/10-11 NOTE: Malibu is Region 759; if you are outside Malibu and don't know your region, please enter the city name. NOTE: If you are from outside Malibu, please select "None Required" from each of the dropdowns below as your uniform will be procided by your home region. U-8 Official: Sunday 9/8

Thank you for submitting the form.