To All Malibu AYSO Families

It’s here! Soccer Registration for the Fall 2013 has begun.

Pre-register your children (they must be 4 years old by 8/31/13) online at Mail two copies of the Registration Form along with your completed and signed Volunteer Form and a check ($200/player) payable to Malibu AYSO.

If a child did not participate in AYSO last year, please include a copy of their birth certificate or passport so that we can verify their age.




PO BOX 6616

MALIBU, CA 90264


The Online Pre-registration Process is simple to use and the program will walk you through the steps.

If you have a problem logging on to your own Volunteer or Child’s Account please call AYSO (800-872-2976) for User ID (usually your “email address”) or password problems.

Thank you,

Mark K


Malibu AYSO

Registration questions, please email Registrar at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2013 Wait List

e-Mail:* Date of Birth:* Player Name:* Phone:* Volunteer Position:* Player Information Gender: Male Female Parent Name:*

All referees in Malibu and our surrounding regions are unpaid volunteers.  We need to train new referees each year and encourage all new families to consider this as their way to help contribute to the all-volunteeer region.

In 2013, we have 3 scheduled clinics:

U-8 Official (Sunday September 8): intended for parents of U08 or U07 children, older siblings (at least 10 years old) who would like to volunteer as a youth referee for their siblings matches, or any youth volunteer 10 or 11 years old.  In order for us to have a head count and proper supplies, you must complete the form at the bottom of the U-8 CLINIC INFORMATON FLYER and return it.

Basic (Regional) Referee (Sunday September 8 or Tuesday and Wednesday September 10 and 11 (both evenings required): intended for parents of U10 or higher children as well as any youth interested in becoming a referee.  Minimum age is 12 (10 or 11 with permission of Referee Instructor).  This class has an online component which MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE ARRIVING AT THE CLASSROOM.  Please read the Online companion courses 2013 Flyer carefully and insure you complete all the prerequisites prior to coming to the classroom.

Helpful links:

New Volunteer Registration Instructions

How to Register and take online classes (Safe Haven, Concussion awareness and online referee training)

How to register and use the Malibu referee self-scheduling system.

Flyer for September 8 U-8 Official course

Flyer for September 8 and also Septembr 10-11 Basic Referee Companion course

Link to eAYSO (use to register as a volunteer of sign up for one of our classes)

Link to AYSO training (use to take Safe Haven, Concussion awareness, or the online component of the referee traiing).  You'll need to know your eAYSO ID and be registers as a 2013 volunteer.

Referee Program Feedback Form Your name (optional) Your Role* Referee Coach Both Neither Do you think the referee point system is fair? Do you understand the requirements of the referee poinbt system?* What Division(s) are you involved in as a coach or parent?* U10 U12 U14 or older Yes No Yes No If you answered no to the last question: Would it be fair if we published ongoing status (points earned and # of qualifying referees) with the standings on an ongiong basis throughtout the season? Yes No Were you compelled to referee solely because of the point system?* Yes No Didn't referee Do you expect to referee next year (assuming we still use a points system)?* Yes (if my child plays) No Will you continue refereeing voluntarily (no points system)?* Yes (even if my child does not play) No Yes (if my child plays) U8 or younger Core, Extra, or both?* Core Extra Both Would you consider attending an upgrade clinic in Thousand Oaks or Agoura (to advance to your intermediate or advance badge)?* Yes No Would you be more likely to attend if it were held in Malibu?* Yes No Were you mentored by anyone this year?* Yes No If so, by whom? Was it helpful? Yes No Would you be willing to serve as a mentor next year?* No Don't feel I am qualified Yes Would you like to have a mentor next year?* No Maybe Yes How did you find the referee scheudling system?* Not too bad once I was registered Difficult Easy to use I did not use it Unusable (or nearly unusable) Would you consider helping the referee program next year with scheduling, instructing, referee web site maintanance, recruiting, etc?* Please provide any additional comments or suggestions that might make our referee program stronger. Yes No