U7-U8 practice at the elementary schools or the Bluffs park. U10 and U12 practice at the High School. U14, U16 and U19 practice at the Bluffs on the large soccer field.

If you coach a division U10 - U19 team you need to report your game results so we can keep standings. Standings are not kept for divisions U5 through U8 as there are non-competitive/instructional only. There will be a link on the schedule page for reporting game results.

If you have the first game of the day you are expected to mark the lines on the field and set up the goals prior to start time. Painting can be done on Friday evening (it takes about 45 minutes). Throw your away empty paint cans when finished. You should recruit field assistants to help with setup and take down.
If you have the last game of the day you are expected to put away the goals. Please remove the posts and place all field items under the blue tents. At Malibu High School, the trash must be placed in the trash cans and the cans must be taken to the trash bins. The trash cans can be left neatly next to the trash bins.

The basic rules or "Laws of the Game" are set by F.I.F.A. and can be downloaded from their website. Certain modifications allowed are:

  •     size of the field of play
  •     size, weight and material of the ball
  •     width between the goalposts and height of the crossbar from the ground
  •     duration of the periods of play
  •     substitution

which are listed in our Rules and Regulations and Guidelines.

Toward the end of the season you will need to rate you players ability to help with team balancing the following season. This is very important! Here are some guidelines on rating your players.

All Coaches must attend the Safe Haven class. A class will be offered before the start of the season or can be taken online. Please check the events page for coaches meeting dates and times. See our coaches clinics page for coaching clinics and soccer camps. ALL Coaches MUST ATTEND a Regional Coaching Clinic to QUALIFY FOR COACHING.

You will need to know your AYSO Volunteer ID number which is given to you after you complete the volunteer registration form online at eayso.org. U6 - U8 Coaches certification can also be taken online.

For other clinics available throughout the area, visit Area10e.org.

For more information on coaching certification, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Online Coaches Weekly Newsletter:  Hey Coach! is AYSO's weekly newsletter for coaches and other coaching positions. Every Tuesday, Hey Coach! will contain articles on coaching techniques, drills and other important news. Hey Coach! is also your opportunity to write in with any possible article suggestions.  Newsletter signup options.

Anyone having contact with the kids needs to have a volunteer form on file. If you need more volunteer forms, please contact Corinne Le at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Volunteers keep us playing. Come play with us and be an AYSO volunteer.